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Acupuncture for PTSD

Acupuncture for PTSD

How acupuncture helps PTSD...

Acupuncture for PTSD. Unlike public belief PTSD is not a mental illness. After more than 35 years experience starting with the treatment of civilians military and prisoners of war during the civil war in Lebanon and after treating over 300 veterans military personnel suffering from extreme PTSD through my charity Stand Easy I can truly say that it is due to shock and trauma  symptoms of anxiety depression nightmares anger hyper vigilance suicidal thoughts detachment and inability to relate easily arise. 

I found out when the trauma is released with acupuncture a lot of these symptoms and their intensity disappear quickly hence my belief that if something can be released so quickly as it comes quickly it is not a mental illness  but shock creating a disturbance in the body and mind. Even people who are called complex PTSD which is a term used when people already have some emotional or mental disturbance before suffering from trauma. In my experience giving people big labels only serves to make them feel more despairing.

PTSD came to the forefront of public knowledge in the last 15 years as a result of diagnosing soldiers and veterans who suffered the traumas of war and manifested specific symptoms afterwards of anxiety stress, depression, hypervigilance, nightmares dissociation  feelings as post traumatic stress disorder.

But PTSD is not restricted only to the military  who suffer shock and trauma. Many people who are walking the streets might be suffering from PTSD without having been diagnosed. PTSD or shock can be caused by a variety of causes.Sexual abuse, recreational drugs  like ecstasy, MDMA,cocaine. Any substance that expands your consciousness and leaves you out of control can tip you over the edge. Operations going wrong. Any incident that leaves a mark on you and does not heal even after a long while, and leaves you feeling anxious or depressed everytime you think about it. Or you want to cry or tearful, almost haunted by the memory of what happened even after 20 years could be identified as severe trauma or PTSD.

I suffered trauma once after having sat on a dentist's chairs for 4 hours having 4 implants inserted and various treatments in the same session. I was fine till they started hammering the last implant into my jaw I felt completely overwhelmed by what happened and felt completely traumatised. I mentioned this experience because I felt the moment when I stopped being able to be ok. I was tipped over the edge by the excessive work done in one session..

Acupuncture is very quick in treating PTSD and trauma as there is a very specific protocol done that can lift the trauma, and with it lifting ,there is an overall ease in the state of the body the mind and the emotions a gradual calmness takes place. After few sessions of acupunctureThat sense of vulnerability starts to go as there is an overall feeling of feeling more in control.

Normally the first acupuncture session is to lift the trauma and the following ones is to strengthen the person having suffered deeply from the many symptoms they had.

More on acupuncture for PTSD...

The analogy of trauma  is like a bad flu it attacks you and brings it's own symptoms such as fever aching joints exhaustion when it goes you feel normal again. Same as PTSD it brings it's own symptoms but when released symptoms are eased very quickly.

Occasionally a person suffering from deep mental problems who is traumatised afterwards, once the trauma is released they might still have problems to deal with but it will be much easier if the trauma is released with acupuncture.

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